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Young Farmers

wpeDD.jpg (31778 bytes) 3rd Sept, 1953

Unwatermarked Perf 14.75x14

Layout: Medium Format Type B

Commemorating the 25th Anniversary of the Australian Young Farmers Club.

Qty: 27,279,300

Originally designed by a post office artist, modified by P.E. Morriss, and engraved by E.R.M. Jones.

This is an interesting stamp because it has a unique  printsheet layout using a two-plate recess printing. This was Australia's first attempt at multicolour recess, and it succeeded.

The only other multicolours prior to the introduction of photogravure printing were the   1954 Red Cross, YMCA of 1955 and the Queensland Self Government of 1959. In the latter instances, typography was used for the second plate, and the designs were not as ambitious as this one.



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