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Van Diemens

wpeE5.jpg (30284 bytes) 11th November 1953

Unwatermarked, Perf 14x14.

Layout: Medium Type A, Portrait.

Qty: 23,404,680

Centenary of Tasmania's first postage stamp. The inscription of course reads 'Van Diemens Land'.

This is an intriguing stamp, as, along with food production the same year, is an unusual below letter rate value.





3d die proof in the issued colour recessed in a presentation mount  'CBA/NOTE PRINTING/BRANCH' cachet in violet on the reverse dated "21-10-53" and numbered "26",  Ex WL Russell, member of the Stamp Advisory Committee.The lot also includes original stamp-size photographic essays of an unaccepted Stamp Branch design and Richard Beck's accepted design.

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