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1963 Royal Visit

wpeE5.jpg (27721 bytes) wpeF3.jpg (26016 bytes)
59,199,240 1,832,040

18th February 1963

Commemorating the visit by Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh

Designs from photographs taken by Anthony Buckley.

Designed and Engraved by P.E. Morriss

wpeF4.jpg (23689 bytes)
678,945,600 Ordinary paper
9th October 1963

Based on Royal Visit of above.

Helecon paper

Due to the poor appearance of helecon coated paper printings in this colour (see 1959 QEII 2d and 3d definitives) a quantity was printed on helecon paper but the paper was deliberately reversed so that the coating appears on the gummed side. In addition, a very small quantity was used in booklets,  this time face up. They are exceedingly scarce.


wpeF5.jpg (18135 bytes)
Helecon 105,990,332. Ordinary 48,234,471*
30th June 1965.

Helecon ink

The colour was changed to red to use up non helecon paper stock by mixing a helecon ink with the dye. Helecon ink printings applied to all formats: sheets, booklets and coils. At depletion of the ink, remaining stock was not treated. This caused booklets and sheets to appear without helecon. The booklets however are very scarce.

Inexplicably, Wes Pawlowski reports that helecon ink was also used with helecon coated paper stock. The helecon coating being on the rear. A confusing time.

Coils (helecon only) 518,400. Coil stamps were produced in this colour only, and only with the Helecon Ink.


*The odd quantity reflects the withdrawn from sale nature of Decimalisation.


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