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Royal Visit


wpeCC.jpg (43441 bytes)


2nd Feb 1954

Unwatermarked, Perf 14x14 etc.

Layout: Long format Type C

Commemorating the visit to Australia of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.


3d 79,877,280
7d (foreign letter) 1,908,640
2/- 4,511,280

wpeD5.jpg (41155 bytes)

wpeD1.jpg (36058 bytes)


The above stamps commemorated the actual visit of the royal couple in 1953. They were due to arrive in 1952, but for the death of the King. Stamps for the abandoned visit were printed (and destroyed).

3d Red Small format Princess's head.
7d Blue Long Format Type A (6 x 14) of above dual portrait.
1/6d Brown ditto

A point of interest with these unissued stamps is that the layout occurred before the Type B.

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