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Olympic Publicity Olympic Publicity
1956 Olympics 1956 Olympics
1956 Olympics 1956 Olympics
1954 1955 1956

This obscure collection began in December 1954, with a promotional stamp for the forthcoming Melbourne Olympics in 1956. The same design was re-issued again twelve months later with a change of colour, and, finally, the hodgepodge Olympic series was released. Immediately before the hodge-podge went on sale in October 1956, there was a change to the basic letter rate from 3d to 4d. This caused a hectic re-engraving of the 4d design.

The multicoloured 1/- and 2/- values were printed overseas. Not only to be in keeping with the honour of holding the games, but as a cheap, competitive tender between two printers. These, and the Empire Games of 1962, are the only issues not printed in Australia by the Treasury.

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