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5d Overprint


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CHANGE OF DIE.  Comb 13 x 12

Jubilee Lines and Dual Plates

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An irrelevant (but very rare) Un-overprinted example CTO ONLY

In the early part of 1930 Ash decided to replace the single electro used for this value. This gave him the opportunity to prepare a new die similar to the one he had used for the second die of the 3d late in the previous year. The new die showed the numerals and letters of value thicker, the frames thin, the corners pointed and the background shading lines thin. The most easily discerned differences from the first die are the figures and letters of value.

Presumably because the demand for the value had been increasing Ash produced two plates These plates were probably of delta metal, electrolytically coated. The two plates are distinguishable by the imprints (upper is N over A, lower is N over N). Each was surrounded by co-extensive marginal lines. The same overprint forme layout as the 2d was used. Namely, an electro block of 15, built as 4x15 per pane for the full 2 plates.


But, before the stamps even appeared, the 1930 postal rate increases rendered the 4d unnecessary! The entire printing, except for a few sheets, was overprinted "FIVE PENCE". Un-overprinted sheets cancelled CTO, and a few mint specimens are known. Some of them were issued in blocks in meeting bulk order from dealers.



w Jubilee Lines

August 2, 1930 48O,000 stamps.

Bright reddish violet

They were printed in deep violet, slightly fugitive ink from the overprint

These provisional stamps remained in use for about two months.

w Jubilee Lines


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