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Arms 10/- to £2 overprinted 'SPECIMEN' plus 17 values to 5/- Arms including a few QEII values, in c.1953 dull red/grey collector's pack with no printer's imprint, the stamps are unmounted. Very scarce pack.


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 To cater for the collector market, samples of current issue stamps were available in post office packs. To reduce their face value cost, all such stamps were either cancelled to order (cto) or, for values 5 shillings and above, overprinted 'specimen'.

wpeC1.jpg (4172 bytes) Generally (and specifically in the case of the Arms series)  post office sheets, not the printsheet, were overprinted in a single operation. The forme used consisted of standard electrotype and each cliche of the 60 subjects shows minor differences. However, two subjects of the form, R2/1 and R2/7 are sufficiently different that they are popularly collected.

The same overprinting forme was employed for all values and hence the varieties are found in the same positions for all denominations.


wpeEC.jpg (3877 bytes) Standard overprint 2.5mm high
wpeED.jpg (3878 bytes) Row 2 / 7 'Speomin'
wpeEE.jpg (3849 bytes) Row 2 / 1. 'IM' Joined, 3mm highwpe3.jpg (13476 bytes)wpe4.jpg (15091 bytes)

std 2.5 vs 3mm high 'specimen'


3mmx15½mm 'SPECIMEN' Overprint BW #271xc,  [ACSC states that only 180 stamps were overprinted with the 3mm 'SPECIMEN', & that they may not have all been sold in collectors' sets. "...Perhaps 15 examples are currently recorded"]




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