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1d green



d War tax Surcharge, change of colour

2nd class mail


Date Perf Watermark Imprint  
10-12-1941 15x14 CA McCracken 2line?
1942 15x14 CA Authority 2line gutter


wpe82.jpg (49149 bytes)
Pale green
10th December 1941 Change of colour

The same McCracken electros, very briefly used for the brown printings, were used at change of colour. Plate layout was standard 640-on with standard imprint positions. All six electros were probably used.

Plate #'s are not known

 wpe84.jpg (36582 bytes) 2 line gutters

wpe81.jpg (44948 bytes)


Jan 1942 Authority imprint.

Layout and imprints as before

188zqa (state1)


wpe138.jpg (43493 bytes) wpe139.jpg (36164 bytes)
One lower sheet (C or D) has a cracked electro in both imprints.



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