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9d Platypus


This Tasmanian design replaced the 9d Purple Kangaroo.

It is one of only two designs in the zoological series to have a landscape format. Ash was in a playful mood, It appeared, with the 5d ram as the last of the zoologicals to be designed and issued very late in the series. The hard work was over and a little experimentation was decided on producing landscape layouts.

Designed and engraved by FD Manley.

Date Perf Watermark Imprint  
September 1938 13x14 CA Ash Wide gutters
12-Sep-43 15x14 CA Authority  
Mar-53 15x14 CA none  
Dec-56 15x14 none never  


wpeA5.jpg (63968 bytes) September 1938 Perf 13x14

2x 480on copper plates. Supplied in post office sheets of 80. gutters were wider than stamp size. The imprint remained in the standard position of lower left of panes.

Plate #2 is known.

wpeA4.jpg (74530 bytes)

Sepia, brownish sepia

12-Sep-43 15x14 Authority

This little used value eventually found its way to the 2nd series in 1943. By this time, McCracken had altered imprints to the impersonal Authority.

6x 640on, 2line gutters
Plates 1,3 and 4 known

March-53 No imprints

December 56 No watermark (no imprints)

Type IV pips appear in August 1958


Image courtesy of Geoff Roosen

This image shows the peculiar orientation of imprints on landscape issues (the 5d and 9d), and somewhat idiosyncratic.  They appear visually, at bottom left corner of each pane. Which is consistent, visually, but makes little sense. Also notice in this issue that there are, in fact, two inscribed lines in the central gutter, but the 1st line was not applied in the 1st two columns because of the imprint


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