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1/4d KGVI


Information incomplete. Under construction.

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From a Peter North photograph, originally intended in design to show that of KE 8th.

Designed and engraved by FD Manley

This was mostly used as Telegraph stamp, and less used for the UK air rate. It replaced the 1/4d Blue KGV. It did not survive the transition to the 2nd series and only appears as perf 13x14. Obsolete after 1940 but maintained until 1950.

Because of it's high cost, and low usage, it was only ever issued in single panes of 80.

The 1/4d is one of the more interesting plate layouts of the series.

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320on Copper Electro 480on copper plate

It has two different methods of production: A 320on copper electro derived from a master steel plate, and, separately, a 480on copper plate, derived from a transfer roller.

Both plates were created before issue and both were used contemporaneously for printing. The distinct shades of pale Magenta vs Bright Magenta *might* indicate a boundary in printings between plates.

A standard, narrow, imprint is in the standardised lower left corner of each pane for both plate layouts. This is at odds with most 320on formats where a wide Ash imprint initially appears in the central gutter between panes.

This means that, similar to the 1/-, the intention was to only issue post office sheets as single panes for such a high denomination, creating a need for imprints to make all panes indistinguishable.


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Pale magenta, Bright magenta
03-Oct-38 Perf 13x14 Ash Imprint


Two different combs. flush vs extended holes.

Research needed using the vertical perforator.

pip marks can be found / not found on this issue. This is either a distinction of the two plates, or, was added later to one or both of them.



wpeA9.jpg (57439 bytes) McCracken Imprint


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