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1d QM die2

1d Coils

1d Green QM Die 2.

2nd Class Postage.

Clearly, for the second series issue the die had changed with removal of the lightened background. In fact, all dies for all denominations were either re-drawn, or slightly shrunken to accommodate coil perforating machine layout.

ReEngraved by TC Duffell.


Thin paper varieties exist from 1939.


Date Perf Watermark Imprint  
1st August 1938 Perf 15x14 CA Ash No lines in gutter
    CA Ash Two line gutter
    CA missing imprint (maybe coil)
  Coil pair CA ? Standard Coil Perfs, rolls of 960
  Coil block CA Ash Large Hole, blocks of four

Two copper plates, 320 on, were produced but never used.

The Imprint has moved to the standard position of the bottom left of each pane, with a standard width gutter (23mm). This was to become the zoological standard layout for all denominations.

Two steel master plates were produced. Both, 640 on.

wpe74.jpg (182966 bytes) 1st August 1938 2nd series Perf 15x14.

First master plate: August 1938.

No security gutter.

Two altos produced, only one was used

11 Electros produced, only eight used. Plates numbers 1,2,4,5,6 are known.



wpe132.jpg (31793 bytes) 2nd Master plate: October 1939. Issued, December 1940.

To avoid security problems of a stamp sized, watermarked blank, 2 security lines later inscribed.

Single alto produced. Six electros, five used. Plate #'s 12,13,14 are known.

Pip marks can be collected from both plates. The left and right sheets of course from either plate are indistinguishable.

Flush and extra hole perfs exist for both plates


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