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3d Overprint


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Die 1

Die 2

Die 3

TA joined Firmer chin line. Longer right epaulette.
2 copper plates New plates 640on steel master Sep 39
2nd August 1937. Replacing the then 3d Blue KGV.

Based on a Peter North photograph of King in Admiral's uniform, this and the 1/4d (of same design) originally came from identical designs made for KE 8th.

This stamp was prepared with imprints in the KGV position and wide central gutter. Possibly due to the chalky paper used, the die was not rolled in as deeply as needed on the plate and gave rise to several prominent varieties. The so-called white wattles and dies are not normally defined very well in catalogues and do cause confusion. The three dies used are illustrated. Neither Die1a nor white wattles had anything to do with a die.


Designed and engraved by FD Manley.

Date Perf Watermark Imprint  
2/8/37 13x14 CA Ash centre gutter Die1 white wattles
        Die1 TA joined
        Die1a TA separated
12/3/38 13x14 CA Ash left panes Die2 Chalk
21/12/38 13x14 CA Ash left panes Die2 thin paper
Nov 1940 15x14 CA Ash Die 3


wpeD.jpg (63840 bytes) So called Die 1, 'white wattles', and Die 1a are all from the same two 320on copper electros. The classic horizontal perforator is in evidence but there are no perforation guides.

All three varieties were printed prior to first day of issue. The white wattles being largely sent to Qld.

Sheets were issued in dual panes of 160.


wpe8B.jpg (46022 bytes) The illustration shows the two prominent features of Die1

TA joined, and separately, white wattles.

TA is joined on all stamps of the plate, being a feature of the die.

White wattles.

Because of the chalk surface employed, the plate wore sufficiently that for a time some printings produced the white wattle variety as illustrated.

wpe8F.jpg (49369 bytes) Die 1A

Die 1a is NOT a die alteration of any kind, and is the worst philatelic description possible. Each individual cliche of the 640 on plate was retouched by hand to remove the TA join.


wpe83.jpg (52502 bytes)

12/3/38 Die 2 Chalk Surface.

Two new 480on copper plates were prepared from a freshly made roller (from the original die). This time with imprints in the standard zoological position bottom left of panes. Die 2 differs from die one with a firmer chin line on the king's face.

Naturally, being 480 on, sheets were only issued to the post office in panes of 80.

All Stamps from the chalk surface printings are significantly different to later issues having a washed out, faded, appearance.

Notice that the perforated sheet is rather mis-aligned to the plate in this illustration.

wpe90.jpg (49468 bytes)

21/12/38 Die 2 'thin paper'

Another unfortunate description for an otherwise quite normal issue.

The paper used was the same as that used on most other issues of the zoological series. It is 'thin' relative to the 'thick' chalk paper that went before it. Chalk surface printings on values below 5/- were abandoned at this point.

flush and extra hole perfs on this issue

The 480on plates remained as previously and consequently issued only in panes of 80.

Since plate #3 is known in both papers, the plates themselves were probably numbered 3 & 4.

wpe91.jpg (46135 bytes)
Deep Blue
Deep Dull Blue

November 1940 Die3 Perf 15x14

Die 3 was a re-drawn die of the 1/4d, not the 3d. It was engraved by HW Bell. There are minor differences to the design among which are slightly longer right epaulette. It was issued at the time of the change of perforation gauge on standard plate layout of 640-on with standard imprints and 2 line gutters.

A total of 3 nickel electros were produced. Plate numbers are not known but are _probably_ 5,6 and 7.

Either large stocks of this printing were made, or the value was under-utilised. Either way, the plates never appeared with McCracken or Authority imprints in this colour.

So called die1a perf13half etc #192z


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