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d Roo

d Roo Coils


The d Kangaroo replaced the then d Orange KGV.

Designed and engraved by FD Manley.

The design comes from a photograph of "Duke" at the Royal Melbourne Zoo.

The first series were produced from 480 copper plates, the 2nd series, from standard 640 on nickel electros. Imprints were always in the standard lower left corner of each pane.




Date Perf Watermark Imprint Plate
------- ----- ------------ ----------- -----
Oct 38 13x14 CA Ash Copper 480 Sheets of 80
Apr 41 McCracken
Feb 42 15x14 CA Authority Nickel 640 2 line central gutter
Sep 49 none
Dec 53 none
Feb 42 Coil block CA Authority Copper 480 coil plate
Jan 50 none
Dec 56 none


Perf 13x14

Issued on single panes of 80 only from 480on printsheets,

Orange, Yellow Orange, Deep Orange


wpe74.jpg (52463 bytes)

3rd October 1938 John Ash Imprints.

John Ash made two 480-on copper plates during the experimental 1st Zoological series. Unusually, the first plate had no pip marks until the 2nd and subsequent printings by McCracken. Otherwise the pip marks are in the standard positions for both 480on plates.

The 2nd plate was introduced by Ash in late 1940.

wpe71.jpg (50972 bytes)

Note the extra perforation holes, which is characteristic of McCracken printings.

McCracken Imprints April 1941

Unerased guidelines between 3rd 4th column of panes B and E on McCracken printings only. Why McCracken only, I don't know, it would suggest a separate plate.

Cracked imprints. Both from Plate 1
Sheet Awpe137.jpg (24234 bytes) sheet Fwpe136.jpg (28345 bytes)

2nd Series Perf 15x14

Issued in Dual Panes of 160

Orange, Deep Orange

Pip Marks

Standard Type o for both papers, and Type oOo  for later unwatermarked printings (March 1958).


wpe72.jpg (48827 bytes)

wpe12C.jpg (13715 bytes)

28th Jan 1942 By Authority Imprint

McCracken introduced the impersonal imprint for the 2nd series.

Very large quantities of this value were used up in during the introduction of the wartax surcharge the month before. The rush must have been on to get this value out the door.

Single 640on steel master. Single alto, producing four electros. Double lined gutters on master plate.

Plates 1, 2 and 4 known.

September 1949: unwatermarked paper.

Orange, pale orange

Plates 1,2, 3, and 4 are known on unwatermarked paper.

2 more electros were introduced at this time in addition to previous 4.

December 1953:  the imprint was removed.

An additional nickel electro was produced with no imprint, other electros still in use had the imprint burnished off

For a brief period in September 1955, the flush perfs of the Ash era are found. Naturally, these appear without imprint.

3 more electros were produced but never used.


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