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1d QM Brown


1d QM Brown Die 2

November 1941. d War tax Surcharge, change of colour

Standard Layout, Standard Imprints.

The 1d value at this point was reduced from 2nd Class Postage to a simple makeup rate for other postage.

The colours were interchanged with the 1d as this became the base newspaper rate.


Date Perf Watermark imprint  
November 1941 15x14 CA Ash  
  Coil pairs CA ? Standard coil perfs, rolls of 960


wpe79.jpg (51324 bytes)

Red Brown
Bright Red Brown

The 6 nickel electros from the 2nd master plate (2 line gutters) were used on this issue. No additional electros were produced.

Typically, McCracken did not replace the Ash imprint.

Some sheets had no imprint in left corner due to ink stripping.

There are no known plate #'s but pip marks of course are collectible in the 640on fashion.


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