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from the estate of f.d. manley photographic reduction of engraving



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50th Anniversary of Federation.

1st May 1951

Designed and engraved by FD. Manley

Layout: Long Format Type A

All Unwatermarked, Perf 14.75 x 14

Opening of the First Federal Parliament by the then Duke of York (later, King George V).

Small format designs feature Sir Edmund Barton, Australia's first prime minister, and Sir Henry Parkes. Prominent interlocutors in the lead up to Federation.

Issued to commemorate the opening of parliament on 9th May 1901.

The 5h was from a painting by Tom Roberts referred by him as the 'big picture, took 2 years to paint and covered 21 x 11 feet.

Most of the faces are recognisable from sketches of same. Most of the work was done in the exhibition building Melbourne, finally completed in London in 1903. Given to KGV it was presented to the Aussie govt in 1960.

The 2d/3d values were engraved as a composite die.

the 5 and 1/6d were composite plate 168 of each 4panesx84. 14 rows of 6 A over B

Issued in sheets of 84

3d for letter rate, internal and British empire

5d foreign letter

1/6d uk airmail


8 die proof sets exist


perf pips  3d type 1 top and bottom in blocks of 8


5d /1/6d left and right centre

upper margins on sheets AB bottom margins sheets CD


type 1 has two small circles either side of interpane gutter.



wpeE1.jpg (75997 bytes)
wpeE4.jpg (78784 bytes)
Double line imprints appear in the lower left corner of each post office sheet.

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