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6d Kooka

This value replaced the then 6d typographed kooka of 1932.

Designed and engraved by FD Manley. Lettering and background by TC Duffell.

Imprints appear in the standard zoological position of lower left of pane. narrow gutter


Date Perf Watermark Imprint  
02-Aug-37 13x14 CA Ash  
  13x14 CA none  
June 1942 15x14 CA McCracken 2line gutter
January 1949 15x14 CA Authority  
December 1952 15x14 CA none  
18 August 1956 15x14 none none  


wpe9D.jpg (47198 bytes)
Light Brown
2nd August 1937 Ash Imprints Perf 13x14

2x  320on copper plates wide gutters?

The layouts were slightly strange. Plate #1 , issued in dual panes of 160 but the imprint was only on the left pane and not on the pane adjacent to the central gutter (right pane).

Plate 2 was in four panes, each with an imprint and issued only as sheets of 80. Indicating the layout was not dual pane.

Plate numbers for both were in the plate corners, Plate #2 is known.

Perf pips type B apparently extra holes as well

For a brief period between the tenure of John Ash and McCracken, Plate #1 appeared with no imprints. This probably in preparation for McCracken but new perforators rendered the plates obsolete.

wpeA1.jpg (40202 bytes)
Bright red brown
Dull Red brown
June 1942. Perf 15x14 McCracken Imprint

Nine electros from 640on steel plate

2line gutters.

Plates 6 # 7 are known

wpe9E.jpg (52303 bytes)
Dull Brown
Greyish Brown
Pale Brown
January 1949 Authority imprint

December 1952 No Imprint


Reddish Brown
18 August 1956 Unwatermarked (no imprint)

Only two of the existing electros were used on unwatermarked paper totalling 6 printings.

Type II pips appeared in July 1957
Type III pips appeared in Sept 1958.

Large Roving pip exists top left corner of Sheet B at time of Type III pip intro

wpeA0.jpg (31279 bytes) All 2nd series issues included the 2 line gutter between panes.

wpe6.jpg (38138 bytes) Plate #6,7

Perf 13x14 6d Kookaburra upper-right corner block of 4 with part Plate Number '2' BW #202z. The ACSC states "One Plate No 2 block (part number only) has been recorded". In fact, this is the only such item from any of the plates for this stamp.


Perf 15x14 6d Kookaburra imprint gutter block of 8 (4x2) from the base of the sheet with large-part Plate Number '7' centrally at the base BW #203zc,  [The ACSC states "Several examples showing part of Plate No 7 are known"]

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