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5_5d overprint
wpe88.jpg (30321 bytes) December 1938.

The design was clearly based on the successful Macarthur Centenary commemoratives of a few years previous. This value replaced the 5d Brown KGV


Designed and engraved by FD Manley.

Produced for Registered Post & Internal Air both 3+2d, this was only one of two values printed in horizontal format, the other being the 9d platypus. From the beginning, imprints appeared in the lower left of each pane.

Date Perf Watermark Imprint  
December 1938 13x14 CA Ash  
January 1941 13x14 CA McCracken  
17 Dec 1945 15x14 CA Authority  


wpe8D.jpg (36092 bytes)
Reddish Mauve
Deep Reddish Mauve
December 1938 Ash Imprints

3 copper plates, 480on.

Naturally, only issued in panes of 80.flush perf
wpe8E.jpg (33463 bytes)
Reddish Mauve
Deep Reddish Mauve
January 1941 McCracken imprints

McCracken did not replace the imprint unless it also involved a plate change. These must have been new electros but interestingly the older perforation was utilised.

wpe9A.jpg (47517 bytes)

this is extra hole (bad scan)

December 1945 new perfs 15x14 Authority imprints

The 5d value was effectively discontinued after the wartax surcharge of 1941.

It was resurrected again on this issue, the last in fact, to appear in the 2nd series Zoologicals.

Four electros produced from 640on master, but only two used for printing

3 printings were made. The stamp was obsoleted during 1952.

Missing extension holes to the perforator in sheets A/C in right hand margin issued in December 1948.


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