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4d Koala

February 1938. 4d Koala replaces the 4d Olive KGV.

The design was taken from a photograph of a popular Koala at the Castle Hill Koala Park in Sydney, NSW. A business still operating in the late 1990's.

Designed and engraved by FD Manley.

All imprints are in the standard lower left pane position.

This denomination was introduced for military concession mail, and for airmail postage.


Printing records for the 4d Koala 480 on first series on 25 x 27 inch printsheets are:

11.11.37 500
4-7.12.37 14,500
23-28.10.38 30,000
4-5.12.40 20,000
6-7.11.40 20,000
13-17.2.42 30,000


Date Perf Watermark Imprint  
February 1938 13x14 CA Ash  
10 October 1942 15x14 CA Authority 2 line gutter
February 1955 15x14 CA none 2 line gutters
18 August 1956 14x14 none none 2 line gutters


wpe89.jpg (37984 bytes)
Deep Green

February 1938

2 x 480on copper plates

2nd plate introduced in October 1938.

Issued, naturally, in panes of 80.

Flush and extra hole perforations are equally common.

wpe8A.jpg (43540 bytes)

By the time this issue appeared in the new perforation (and plates) McCracken had changed to the impersonal Authority imprint.

Nine 640on electros, 2line gutters



wpe88.jpg (37255 bytes)
Yellow Green (Aug 55)
Deep Green (Jan 56)
Although withdrawn in 1954, it was re-introduced in Feb 1955 with no imprints.


Greyish Green
Unwatermarked paper

Printings after 18th August 1956 are on unwatermarked paper in line with the policy of only using watermarks on denominations 5/- and above.

In fact, this printing, comprising of 30 million stamps was an emergency issue pending the supply of the 4d Olympic. A 3d Olympic had been prepared and printed but due to an increase in postal rates was shredded and new plates prepared. Until this new printing came on stream, the 4d koala plates were resurrected.

Two plates from previous printings were utilised, together with 2 new electros manufactured for this purpose.

The only recorded examples of plate numbers (5 and 7) come from these printings.

wpe8C.jpg (23374 bytes) The two line security gutter continued throughout the 2nd series, regardless of watermark or imprints.

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