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War tax Overprint

Along with two other denominations, the 3d Die3 was overprinted by a d to use up stock.

The reasons for overprinting (a frowned on practice by both by printer and philatelists) must have been a combination of both large stocks on hand, and, the need to immediately issue useable stamps. The d Kangaroo was used in large quantities at this time.

This stamp was quickly replaced by the 2nd series definitive.


December 1941 Perf 15x14 CA watermark Ash Imprint  


wpe95.jpg (51902 bytes) 10/12/41 War tax overprint

Quantity: 2,946,080

These overprints were issued for a brief time until the 3d plate and electro was prepared.

Like most McCracken printings, he did not alter the imprint unless he personally created the electro and these overprints are from the Ash prepared, McCracken printed issue.

Large stocks of 2d and 3d were always on hand, it was natural to use them up as an overprint. The 3d was sufficiently worn that on change of colour, new electros were prepared for its subsequent printing in brown.



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