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wpe111.jpg (54939 bytes) Crocodile.

16/2/48 Watermarked (sideways), imprint.

Layout: Medium Format Type C 480 on

No imprint Dec 1952

No Watermark 21/7/56

Qty: (all) 137,185,440


Used for Foreign Airmail

Approximately 28,263,000 stamps were on unwatermarked paper.

Selected as one of two winning designs in the 1946 competition (the other was the 1/3d bull)

Although printed 480 on from four electros, the composite master plate shared a 1/3d bull design.

Designed by Gert Sellheim, Sydney and engraved by G. Lissendon.

Thin papers appeared in 1951.

Watermarked Plate#'s 1,2,3,4,7 known.

Unwatermarked: #'s 2,4,7,9



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