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2 Pound Arms

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Two Pound Arms, 1949 .. 1963

Perf 14 x 13, Watermark CA. Qty: 3,925,410


Date Imprint
16/1/50 Authority
Late 52 None

R4/1 and R6/1 contain a prominent roller flaw, subsequently retouched. Because it appears  in the imprint position, with or without imprint, it indicates that imprints themselves were burnished off for printings after 1952 rather than new plates made.

Plate #1 known.

It is quite difficult to find the one or two pound values postally used. The reason was that they were used for bulk parcel post. The practice at the time was to have 'postage paid' stamped on the parcels and mint stamps to the same total value passed in to the GPO which subsequently destroyed them (a hole was punched through them in the same practice as telegraphic Kangaroo stamps, and later burnt).

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roller flaw left hand units


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