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2/6d Abo

wpe11C.jpg (63783 bytes) 19/3/1952 with imprint.

'One pound Jimmy'

Enlarged die from the original 1950 8d value.

Watermarked (sideways), Perf 14.5 x 14.75

Engraved by E.R.M. Jones

*240 on,

Portrait. Medium A Format

White paper: see below.

May 1953. No imprint. New Electros.

Originally issued with imprint in the lower left corner of each sheet.

From Nov 1952, imprints were dispensed with for all stamps. This issue appeared with no imprint from May 1953.

White paper: see below.

30th Jan 1957 Unwatermarked .

After 1956, all values up to and including 2/6d were printed on unwatermarked paper. Naturally, this issue appears with no imprint, which had been dispensed with.

Total Quantity excluding white papers: 85,813,200.

White paper

In September 1965, stocks of the 2/6d Robin had run out. The Chambon press was preparing for the decimal issues. To overcome the shortage, electros containing imprint AND no imprint were utilised. A total of 85,064* stamps were issued on unwatermarked white paper.

*The odd quantity reflects the destruction of residual stock at decimalisation.


19/3/1952 Watermarked Imprint 76,628,560
May 1953 Watermarked No imprint included above
30th Jan 1957 Unwatermarked No imprint 36,156,960
September 1965 Unwatermarked Both (white paper)  
1952 Aborigine 2/6d die proof in the issued colour recessed in a presentation mount BW #265DP(1), paper flap with typed details of the issue, 'CBA/NOTE PRINTING/BRANCH' cachet in violet on the reverse dated "4-3-52" and numbered "8", Ex Giles Chippindall (not "Chippendall", as in the ACSC), Director-General of the Postmaster-General's Department.


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