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1sh Lyre

The beautifully executed 1932 large lyre definitive simply saw it's continued use in the zoological series.

Unlike most of the series, the Lyrebird's plate layout underwent some serious revisions during it's tenure.

Designed and engraved by FD Manley. This was one of the first issues of the 1st series.

Date Perf Watermark Imprint  
2/8/37 13x14 CA Ash Ash 42mm imprint centre of pane
    CA Ash Ash 38mm imprint left of pane
29-Mar-41 15x14 CA   Ash 38mm 2line gutter
Aug-47 15x14 CA   Authority
01-Feb-54 15x14 none   No imprint
Oct 55 15x14 CA   No imprint no gutter lines
1-Dec-56 15x14 none   Never imprint

Two,  320on copper plates or electros?

wpeA6.jpg (87811 bytes)
Central Imprint (wide)
Dull Green

Plate 1: 2nd August 1937

Ash moved the 42mm imprint normally encountered between the central gutter of panes, to the centre bottom of each pane for this denomination. It's central location is a unique position for the entire zoo series.

This was the precursor of producing, all denominations, all panes with imprints in left corner.

In this one (and beginning) instance the arrangement was most sensible. The high value 1/- panes were intended only to be issued in single-pane sheets to post offices (The 1/- Anzac has a similar history of release). It was necessary, therefore, for these printsheets to have imprints on all panes to make them indistinguishable.

As it happens, dual pane post office sheets were also issued (but are scarce). Such interpane gutters can therefore be detected for this plate because of lack of imprint anywhere.

wpe1F.jpg (9044 bytes)
Standard Imprint
Dull yellow green

Plate 2: December 1937

Standard 38mm imprint with standard imprint positions on all panes.

Issued in panes of 80. Dual pane sheets are not known for this plate.

wpe5.jpg (65015 bytes)
An exceedingly scarce actual plate# from sheet 'D' of this plate.

Standard 640 on


wpeA7.jpg (67066 bytes)
Dull Green
Deep Dull green

Yellow green

29-Mar-41 Perf 15x14

Whereas it is normally not necessary to show the side margins (or gutter) of an otherwise standard stamp layout, in this issue, because the 1st series was very different in imprint positions (plural), the exact location is shown for a standard, bottom-left-of-pane imprint.

7 x 640on electros (only 6 used). Uniquely for this value: 2-line gutters were inscribed on every electro rather than the master plate.

1946: Sheet B of an unknown electro had no inscribed lines.

Upper sheets (A & B) had flush perfs in bottom selvedge circa Oct 47.

wpeA8.jpg (32625 bytes) August 1947 Authority Imprint

BW say first release of this imprint was in sheets of 80 only

Feb 1954 No Imprints

Plate #s 3,4,6 are known

October 1955 No gutter lines on sheets B and C one electro (2 months)

The above varieties reflected the evolving policy of removing watermarks and imprints from most issues.

Dull Green December 1956 No watermark (no imprints)

3 electros remained for these printings

Pip type IV introduced Oct 1958


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