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Shilling Halfpenny

wpe122.jpg (71876 bytes) 19/3/52


Rego (9d) Plus letter rate of 3d at 1950 1st increase.


Replaced by QEII 9/3/1955

240 on printing

Medium A Format

Based on Dorothy Wilding Photo.

Deseng Frank Manley

composite plate with 2/6d Abo

5 printings, 3 electros

thin papers



Similar to the 4d / 6d combination, the 2/6d Abo and the 1/0d were prepared on the same master plate, each design having 240 impressions built from a 2 on transfer roller (per design). Issued in sheets of 120.

A single composite alto plate was made, from which 3 composite nickel electros were grown, These electros were subsequently halved to provide 3 printing plates of upper and lower sheets for each design.

See 1/3d and 4d for other composite plates.

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