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1d brown

Based on a photograph by Peter North of the King in Admiral's uniform.

Designed by RA Harrison.

Two dies. Engraved by Manley. May and December 1937.

This issue tells a whole story.

This value first appeared as part of the 1st series in April 1938.

The design however, was based on the altered 2d Die2 issued a few months later in July 1938 using the new perforation gauge. This means that a combination of public criticism, and the necessity to make 2d plates suitable for coil perforators had made its affect almost from the first printings of this 1st issue zoologicals a year earlier.


Date Perf Watermark Imprint
20th April 1938 13x14 CA Ash 320-on electros
November 1941 15x14 CA McCracken 640 on electros. 2 line gutter

Two copper plates from the first die produced the standard 320 layout NO PRINTINGS WERE MADE.

wpe7B.jpg (55367 bytes)

Possessing a pip mark, this example can only come from sheet D or E.

20th April 1938.

A new die created two more copper plates in the 480 layout. The imprint was in the normal bottom left  position of each pane. Being a 480 on plate, only panes of 80 were ever issued.

Naturally, perf marks are collectible in all six panes.

Note the perforator used us vertical type 2 (flush perfs).

Plate #s 1,2 are known.

wpe7D.jpg (58628 bytes) November 1941. New perforation 15x14

Produced from a 640on steel plate, six electros were made. Of which 3 were used to print in this colour. 2 vertical lines in gutters. Standard non flush perforator.

No sooner had this value re-appeared on with new perforation and plates than a colour change occurred. This value was on sale less than one month!


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