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2d Die1

10th May 1937 KGVI Die 1. Replacing the then 2d KGV issue.

Designed by RA Harrison from photo of King in Admiral's uniform by Peter North.

Engraved by Manley.

Generally, this issue was released in 2 pane sheets, but from time to time single panels were issued (for no particular reason).

Issued on the day of the Coronation. 10th May 1937.

10/5/37 Perf  13x14 CA watermark Ash


wpe85.jpg (40415 bytes)

Deep Scarlet
Pale Scarlet

Like it's 1d cousin, this Die only exists on the first series perforations, with imprint in the KGV inspired position of bottom of the wide centre gutters.

8 plates of 320 on (one at least not used).

Horizontal perf type A both cross and dot

Five plates from nickel electros 640 on

Plate #'s 1,2,3,4,6, 8.9,10,11 known. All exhibit numbers in corners rather than central gutters. This, for 640 on steel plates is unusual.

Both types of plate were made at the same time and there is no current reference to which plate #'s were which. Best current guess is the 1st 8 plates were from 320on copper plates.

Catalogs don't list narrow vs wide gutters so was the steel layout also wide? I doubt it. And I don;t believe the info on this is actually correct, 640on is suspect.


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