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1d Princess

wpe11F.jpg (43444 bytes) 20/11/47 marriage of Princess Elizabeth.

Forces Letter Rate

watermarked.  single printing

640on master, 320on alto

4 electros, 2 used

tinted and untinted

+ flush perfs like others

No watermark* Aug 48

new alto, 640on 6 electros, 4 used

cream and normal paper

total 131,447,760

Replaced by 1d QEII 19/8/1953

From September1948, stamps of the general (definitive) series below the current letter rate were issued on Unwatermarked paper.

Originally printed to commemorate the Marriage of Princess Elizabeth, this issue became the first of the new general series. It was the first issue to implement the policy of unwatermarked paper for values below the letter rate.

It was the first stamp in the new policy to print all low value stamps on unwatermarked paper. This occurred in September 1948.

This stamp was part of the definitives series until 1953.

The 1946 Stamp Design Competition 1947 - 49. This was arranged by the Australian Post Office because the general view of the time was Australian stamp designs needed to he improved and to he more Australian in character.

The Postmaster General made a public announcement on July 30, 1946 - "It has been decided to give an opportunity to the public generally, including artists, designers etc who may have ideas regarding suitable subjects to submit suggestions for designs which will serve to advertise Australia in other countries by depicting our local industries, activities, outstanding works, achievements or other suitable subjects . The closing date for entries was November 1, 1946.

The names of the eight successful entrants were made known in March 1947. Of the eight designs only two were utilised for new stamps - the head of a Hereford Bull for the I/3d denomination and the Aboriginal art design of a crocodile used for the 2/- value.

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