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wpe115.jpg (50289 bytes) Bull.


Watermarked (sideways), Imprint


*Discontinued 31st July 1953

parcel post

9 electros


thin papers 1952


The 1/3d bull and 2/- crocodile were two winning entries from the competition held in 1946 for stamp designs. FD. Manley entered as a private individual and won the bull design. He went on to subsequently engrave it.

After the first postal increases of December 1950, this value became redundant. It remained on sale as a parcel rate until July 1953.

Thin papers appeared in 1951.

Composite plates.

Composite master plates were made 1/3d and 2/- values. Each of 240 on in upper and lower post office sheets.

See 4d and 1/0/d for other composite plates.


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