Predecimal stamps of Australia covers the Stamps of the Australian Federation from 1901 to 1965.  You are most welcome to browse these pages. 

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Revised: March '08

bullet Intro
bullet Before the Roo
bullet The Roo
bullet KGV era
bullet KGV Recess
bullet KGV Surface
bullet Early Comms
bullet Early Rotary
bullet KGVI Era
bullet 1st Series
bullet 2nd Series
bullet 3rd Series
bullet Robes
bullet Arms
bullet Commemoratives
bullet QEII Era
bullet Definitives
bullet1st Series
bullet2nd Series
bullet3rd Series
bullet Fauna (Zoo)
bullet Flora (Flowers)
bullet Royal Visit
bullet Navigators
bullet Commemoratives
bullet Chambons
bullet Olympics
bullet Antarctica
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4th Edition Aug 2014

Western Australia

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