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1959 Flora


1/6d Bells  2/- Flannel Flower  2/3d Wattle  2_3d_white_small.jpg (3824 bytes)   2/5d Banksia  3/- Waratah

Apart from toned, chalk papers used in the 1930's on the Robes Series, this innovative and attractive set was Australia's first attempt at using coloured papers, rather than ink, to produce multi coloured stamps. Indeed, these were the higher value definitives to the lower value and intensely ugly QEII definitives of the same year.

The entire set used the portrait, medium format type A layout consisting of single-pane post office sheets of 120 stamps.

Like all the QE2 era, no Imprints or plate numbers were used on the plates for these printings.

Engraved by B. Stewart from watercolours of Miss Margaret Stones.

All stamps perforated Unwatermarked, Perf 14x14.

Most values in this set were heavily used and in demand for parcel post. Most notably, the 2/3d. So much so, that the final print runs in 1964 and 1965 required the use of emergency 'white' paper. It is a distinctly different stamp in appearance. Also, due to the demand for this value, final printings were made on helecon paper to use that stock up.

five die proofs in the issued colours and on the issued colour papers where appropriate, recessed in separate presentation mounts each with a paper flap bearing typed details of the issue, 'CBA/NOTE PRINTING/ BRANCH' cachet in violet on the reverse with various dates and variously numbered. These proofs have been identified from the information in the ACSC as being Ex MRC Stradwick, Director-General of the Postmaster-General's Department. Note that no die proofs of the second issue 2/3d on white paper exist.

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