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Empire Games

wpeFA.jpg (26205 bytes) 1st November 1962

Kangaroo paws and Perth background.

Designed: Malcolm Warner

Photogravure by Harrison's.

wpeF6.jpg (25035 bytes) Perth Coat of Arms, wreath, and running track.

Designed: George Harmori

Photogravure by Harrison's.

wpeF9.jpg (175641 bytes) This corner block of 6 shows the salient features of the sheet. The imprint appears in the lower left corner, with a sheet number on left side.

In later Chambon issues, this number applied to every second sheet of the rotating cylinder.

Stamps issued to commemorate the 7th British Empire and Commonwealth Games.

The stamps were printed overseas in the expectation that the recently purchased Chambon presses would not be ready in time. These, and the 1956 Melbourne Olympics, are the only stamps not printed in Australia.


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