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DLR Printings on PB Plates

16 Dec 63

No Watermark, Perf 13 Carmine (shades) thick and thin papers

Qty: 2050 sheets @240 on

Issued contemporaneously with the 1d bistre.

DLR invoice: 17Dec1862: 500 sheets. Received mid February63. Issued last in 1871

DLR invoice: 13Jan1863: 1550 sheets. Received mid March63. Issued first in Dec 1863

Shades vary from Carmine to deep carmine which might mean separate printings from two separate (close together) deliveries, or, DLR's inexperience with printing from recess plates.

PMG Helmich's chaotic issuing policy (if he had one) was last in first out. (whatever was on top of the stack). Consequently this caused the last received, larger parcel to be issued first with the smaller first delivery re-discovered some years later and pushed out the door. The first 100 sheets of the second parcel were issued on  16 December 1863 and continued till early 1867

The cc12.5 1d Bistre, first issued on 27 December 1864, was used contemporaneously with the 1d carmine although dated copies prior to 1867 are hard to find.  This most probably because the colour confusion between the 1d Bistre and the 2d Yellow meant Carmine for the 1d was a better choice. The original parcel of 500 sheets were buried under the deliveries of 1d bistre and forgotten about.

Re-issue: 1871

In 1871 the Board of Survey found this parcel mouldering away and ordered them put into use instead of the 1d bistre until exhausted. The were issued from 28Oct71 to 23Aug72 and during this time it is again difficult to find dated copies of the 1d bistre.