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Produced by J Oliver using the original DLR die, with 'postage' added.

 Design enlarged to fit the comb perforator

Two plates of single panes of 120on . Comb 12.5x12

2 dies, Die1: plate 1 & 2 vs Die2: 3 & 4 conveniently separated by wmk


About 150 mill printed overall

wa wmk remained in use until 1903

Oct 1902 20k sheets 1st printing carmine

April 1903  2nd printing. 15k sheets carmine


line perf 11 and 12.5 are common


Die 2 on new paper

1905 rose red.

rose red 1906 perf 11 is common

1909 rose pink.

1909..12 carmines

upright fairly common and line pef11 sideways