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DLR Printings on PB Plates

All other plates originate from the 1d die. The plates are 240on for the 1d, and 120on for the others.

All plates, dies and paraphernalia were transferred from Perkins Bacon to the crown agents on 26 Jan 1862. In December they were transferred to DLR for printings of the 1d and 6d values on unwatermarked paper.

It is not explained how DLR were able to efficiently produce reasonable perforations from all denominations while not being able, or refusing to do so, with the PB printings the previous year. DLR were not experienced in printing from recess plates, yet, they managed to do so. The plates had not changed, identical varieties exist for colonial, PB, and DLR printings.

no wmk

CC12.5, CC14, CA12, CA14


CA14 altered colours