W Crown A
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1d Red
2d Yellow
2d Blue
6d Violet
1/- Green


printed: May 1898 July 1898 April 1897 April 1897 April 1897
Issued: January 1899 February 1899 January 1901 October 1906 April 1907
32,314,560 14,876,880 2,409,840 2,438,880 2,432,432
  Color Change New Designs


the die proof of the Key Plate

The new watermark is positioned to fit the oblong format of the stamps in upright position. In the margins, reading up at left and down at right, are the words WESTERN AUSTRALIA. As previously, sheets were perforated 14.

Printings 1897 but it was some years before most were issued as earlier CA wmk became exhausted.

All are new plates of 4x60. Plate#2 in the case of the 1d and 2d, and new designs for the rest. Note that none are Key and Duty.

The new designs were only released after federation, giving the impression they were printed in Melbourne, which they were not, but are certainly 'Australian State' issues.

The reason for creating any of these plates is unknown and difficult to justify as there was ample stock of the previous ca issues.