Colonial Printings
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2d Orange
4d Blue
6d Green


2,380 half sheets 70 half sheets 200 half sheets

Swan watermark paper in any orientation.

Single pane plates 120on. 12 rows of 10


The decision had been made even before the plates arrived in the colony to return them. This because of the colony's inability to perforate it's stamps. The colonial office rejected the idea and shipped the plates regardless.

With the thought that they would have to wait another year for 'decent' stamps to replace the lithographs, printings for 3 denominations were completed in a 10 day hectic period between the 10th and  20th August 1860. The vast majority were for 2d. These plates, the 1d,  and the remaining paper from 1854 sailed for England four days later.

Relative to the lithographs, a printing using up 1500 full sheets of paper was absolutely enormous. The Lithographic printings had only used up 3,000 sheets, and took 6 years to do so.

There were ample stocks of the useless 1d value, and the 1/- plate was never printed (possibly due to damage to 'a plate'  noted by PB on their return. They may have meant the 1d, or equally the heavily printed 2d)

The 4d suffered the same fate as the 1/- in that although a full printing occurred, only one sheet was ever issued for postal use (the rest were sold off as remainders in the 1880's