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Single plate No. 1 , 240on, standard 4 panes of 60 Comb14

Printed 1885
Issued October 1906


Wa wmk comb14

1912: single-line crown A. Comb 12x 11.5 (possibly SA perforator)

DLR printed 2,438,880 stamps during April 1897 from this new plate to replace the Perkins Bacon design. Amazingly it wasn't brought into use for a decade.

1912: single-line crown A. Comb 12x 11.5 (SA perforator) wmk to tail only

Emergency printing on Federation Paper used for SA issues. Sideways tail only

Only a few months before the Kangaroo uniform postage series was issued it became necessary to print off an emergency supply from these DLR plates.

The presses and perforators were already flat out producing kangaroo denominations in preparation for their release on New Year's day 1913.

JB Cooke used the kangaroo press to print 240on. The 4 x 60 panes of the DLR plate neatly coincided with the dual plate kangaroos of 2x2x60. There was no 'print and turnaround' of the previous 120 on printing press, hence wmks are always Sideways to tail.

Exactly the same thing happened to the 1/- of this design.