6d Violet
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Key & Duty. Comb14

January 1893


Surface-printed 6d stamps were added to the yearly supply for 1891,despite ample stocks still remaining of the PB recess-printed 6d. The result was that they were hardly issued before January 1893.

Again the No. 1 key-plate of 120 was used with a duty-plate of 60, which were doubled in February 1896. During the first period there were 4 deliveries with 487,920 stamps, while a further 1,819,200 were invoiced on 15 April and 10 June 1896. The yearly demand reached 40,000 stamps in 1895, and it is quite astonishing that these large orders were even contemplated. It was only because demand by 1904 had jumped to 365,000 that it was possible to deplete the stock by the end of 1906, The violet colour does not present shades of significance, but the earliest are prone to run when soaked in water.

This wmk lasted well into federation being finally replaced by stocks of wa wmk in 1906