4d Brown
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July 1890


De La Rue submitted designs for the No. 1 key-plate of 240 to the Crown Agents on 19 July 1888 together with duty-plates of 60 for 4d. 6d and 1/-,

60,000 stamps of the 4d arrived in the Colony together with the 1d, 2d and 1/- about 1 December 1889, but the actual issue must have been held up for some months. The new stamp was first mentioned in September 1890.

There was no urgent need for a new 4d stamp as there were still c. 45,000 of the 1889 4d in stock, or sufficient to last' through 1890 and 1891. Some, but far from all, were used during those years. Despite this, the yearly consignments for 1891 and 1892 contained 60,960 and 61,440 stamps, and for 1895 and 1696 followed 122,400 and 121,200 stamps.  Two more deliveries followed in rapid succession after the duty plate had been doubled; 360,000 stamps on 15 April and 566,400 on 10 June 1896, bringing the grand total to 1,352,400 stamps. It took 8-9 years to dispose of these exaggerated quantities.

The brown colour varies from dark brown through brown to light brown. The earliest deliveries seem to be in a rather dark shade, which however, is also seen many years later.