4d Blue
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Blue Slate Blue

For use on inter colony letters.

swan wmk paper upright or inverted

Single Pane plate, 240 on, 12 rows of 20


Single plate of 240 via an intermediate stone of 60 (12x5).  The group of 60 taken from columns 16-20 of the 1d sheet.


6-8 July 1854: Plate1 100shets Blue

2-5 Jan 1855: Plate 2 100sh Blue  inverted frame comes from here

the inverted frame comes from the intermediate stone which had (at least) 2 of it's transfers reapplied. One of these being the inverted frame, the other, the tilted frame. Therefore there are 4 positions on the printed sheet where the inverted frame exists.

24-27 Oct 55. plate 2a 175shts  Slate Blue

14-19 Dec 1855: 1500 shts  Blue