3d Brown
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3d Postcard

Comb Perf 14. With/without wing margins.

May 1885 February 1893 November 1895


The 3d, uniquely, was the only DLR plate to be used on cc wmk, and, uniquely, was perforated with wing margins during this time. DLR would not tolerate such differences when it took over perforating it's own stamps in 1879.

The chaotic issuing policy of 3d stamps, with very large quantities in stock, meant the all three overprints are found with/without these wing margins and all in various shades and paper.

Apart from amateurish attempts, it is knowledge of shades, paper, and, (to a lesser extent) wing margins, where forgeries of overprints can be determined. Collectors were bored senseless by the uniformity of WA issues so that varieties like overprints were eagerly sought after.