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Key & Duty. Comb14

April 1890


The Shilling and the 4d were the first to be printed with the No. 1 key plate of 120 and a separate duty plate of 60. There are two clear colour groups:

A. Olive-green deep to light.

Deep shades cover the whole of the first delivery of 60,000 invoiced on 16 October 1889, but return in later years among sheets from 4 deliveries between 16 November 1895 and 22 May 1896 of 3,175,440 stamps. Sometimes differences between shades used for key- and duty-plates are apparent, but they cannot be referred to part of any particular printing.

B. Grey-green :26 October 1895 as the earliest known date of use

This colour-group covers the second delivery of 60,960 stamps invoiced on 18 September 1894. Copies are fairly scarce as many must have been discarded because of the awful cancellations of the decade, and in particular from 1895-98.

February 1896 was when the 'plates were doubled' so this wasn't printed on them.

Due to the exorbitant quantities ordered, the Shilling remained in use to well into 1907 when the later wa wmk plate was issued.