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July 23 1961
Qty: 4,789,317
Watermarked.  Perf 14x14
Long format Type C
Featuring the Northern Territory cattle industry. Showing an aboriginal stockman cutting out a steer.

Cream Paper

There are two types of cream paper, The earlier has a yellow tone.

White Paper 17/6/64

The stamp is distinctly bright red brown in shade.

part of a definitive series

This issue replaced the long running 5/- Arms issue of 1949. It was part of a half-hearted definitive series which include the 1/- Colombo. Neither really got off the ground, definitive wise. The 5/- was in turn replaced by the 5/- Navigator.

die proof in purple-brown but on pink paper (not issued thus) recessed in a presentation mount BW #373DP(1), paper flap with typed details of the issue, 'CBA/NOTE PRINTING/BRANCH' cachet in violet on the reverse dated "27-6-61" and numbered "36". The ACSC states in error that the proofs were on "white wove paper". Printed on the unadopted pink paper it is a very striking item.

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