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5d Sheet
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50th Anniversary of the Gallipoli Landings

14 April 1965

Unwatermarked Perf 14x14

Layout: Long format Type C

Engraved by E.R.M. Jones

This issue appears on the Harrison white paper, introduced in mid 1964.

Stamps feature 'Simpson and his Donkey', and was prepared by Carl Andrew who based his sketch on the Simpson statue By Wallace Anderson at the Shrine of Remembrance, Melbourne. Khaki and Blue colours represent the roles played by the Army and Navy respectively, while Maroon was the colour of the Victoria Cross.


5d 33,096,400
8d 1,257,760
2/3d 995,440
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Apart from their philatelic sales potential, these other stamps from Australian Territories, reflect the localised, but quite small, part the navy played in taking over ex German colonies during world war I. Apart from the cynical and mercenary nature of the issues, there was some justification in advertising the fact that WW1 was not solely a European war but extended over all of the British / French and German colonies of the time.



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