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1953 Antarctic

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1953 Antarctic Research expeditions.

17th November 1954

Designed: FD. Manley.

Engraved: G. Lissendon

Unwatermarked. Perf 14 x 13.

Quantity: 64,635,960

Sheets of 60 (5 rows x 12) (doubt it)

This spectacular issue exhibited the finest of the engraver's art. This is one of the two Commonwealth issue to use a simple black ink, not requiring any further colouration. The flora and fauna encircling the design are native to the Antarctic continent.

The cleverly designed map with Antarctica at it's centre illustrated Australia's zone of influence on the continent.

Commemorating Australian research on the Antarctic continent.

Design by Mrs. Phillip Law (probably wife of Phillip Law), depicts the emblem of the Antarctic Division of the Australian Department of External Affairs. It shows the map of Antarctica, sea elephants, albatross, Pleuro phylum Hookeri Buch, penguins, Zooplankton, Kerguelen Cabbage, and Antarctic fish.


1954 Expedition Cinderella

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