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The 2d and 1/- plates.

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The 2d proofs are known in Green and Purple.

The 1/- proofs are in Black, Olive, and Indigo and purple brown.

In their wisdom, much archival material was deliberately destroyed by the Commonwealth in 1953. Only a few proof specimens exist today. These two stamps were never issued to the public. Thus almost all discussion of these two varieties is conjecture. It is reasonable however, to draw the conclusion that since they were produced by Harrison, at the Note printing branch that same year, they formed part of the intended series, only the Great War preventing their issue. From this then, it is reasonable to conclude that the plate layout, numbering and imprints were identical. Only one plate of each design was manufactured. On appointment of W.G. Spence as Postmaster General in Sept 1914, this issue was cancelled.

Thematically similar to the 6d Kookaburra, the 1/- value was resurrected with a lyre-bird design some years later and persisted throughout the pre-decimal era.

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