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Towards a uniform series.

As stated, where uniformity already existed, there was no problem modifying the rate, nor indeed supplying semi-uniform stamps. In 1903, the intrastate telegraph rate was set to 9d. Since some states did not posses this value, the opportunity was taken at that time to create one of semi-uniform design.

The 'Key' plate had a common design copied directly from a federation medallion given to schoolchildren in 1901. The 'duty' plate specifically contained the State’s name, and, was issued only in that State for reasons already explained under the "book- keeping clause". As it turned out, so great was the criticism, that only Queensland and New South Wales were ever issued with them (proofs of Victoria exist). Take special note of the circular plug ‘9d’.. This was the forerunner to the Kangaroo issued almost immediately after federation. The entire project had been done in great secrecy by the then post master general James Drake. Despite the expected torrent of criticism. Australia was suffering the trauma of federation. Governments came and went within 12 months of each other. Sniping at anything that wasn't in a state’s immediate best interests were a daily occurrence, in the paper, in the public, and in parliament. It is virtually certain that had this Government not fallen soon afterwards, it’s postmaster general would have ushered in a complete series through all denominations of this interesting issue. The second attempt at uniformity had to wait another 12 years, caused equal criticism, and yet another government fell, but the this time, the roo was born.



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