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The 1d

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8th December 1913 and 20th March 1914

Designer: Herman Altmann. R.A. Harrison (son)

Engraver: T.S. Harrison (father)

Line perf 11, no watermark

Layout: Single pane 12 x 10

Quantity: 2 million

Harrison made a total of four plates for the 1d Recess KGV during October / November 1913. Consistent with a commemorative, only two small printings occurred, one in December, 1913, and again, due to popularity, reprinted in March, 1914. Each printing consisted of a paltry 1.2 million stamps, eg 2,500 mill sheets. Of interest, the 1d plate #1 was the first ever produced in the series. In fact, the first attempted commonwealth recess issue. In the learning process that ensued, it was rolled in less deeply that the others. The end result being that stamps arising from this plate are much paler than the other three. Thus in this rare example, a ‘shade variety’ is philatelically significant.

The reprinted second issue can be distinguished from the first issue, as their paper mesh is vertical (stamps curl side to side).

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Plate # 1, blurred pale image

Pale red, Rose Red

Plates 2,3,4. Sharper deeper impressions.

Carmine Red, Bright Scarlet

Rolled in. The process whereby a transfer roller containing impression(s)) of the die are rolled onto a softer metal surface.


Plate 3

Plate 4

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