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Tasmanian Cable

wpe96.jpg (42196 bytes) wpeA3.jpg (30269 bytes)
89,116,000 3,902,000
Four Plates Single Plate

1st April 1936

Designed and Engraved by F.D. Manley

CA watermark, perf 11.5

Copper electros

wpeAF.jpg (36674 bytes)
wpeB3.jpg (42147 bytes)
This issue celebrated the completion of the underwater cable between Van Diemen's Land and the mainland, completing a linkup between all states in the National Telephone Network.

The design shows Amphritrite, the wife of Neptune.

A total of five copper electros of the 2d, and two of the 3d were produced. Only 4 electros for the 2d were used and one for the 3d.

The layout followed the plate numbering pattern of the previous issue (silver jubilee) in which the plate number was inscribed in the four corners of the printsheet. Like the Jubilee issue, this means each post office sheet contains only one plate number and corner margins can appear with or without plate numbers depending on the post office sheet they came from.



wpe9F.jpg (95372 bytes) Layout.

Standard Victorian Centenary layout of 2 panes, 10 rows of 4 with imprint appearing below narrow interpane gutter,

Type A & B 2d stamps.

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Type A Type B

A barely visible connecting line between inner and out frame lines of the tablet near left 2d.

A total of four plates were made for the 2d. Two plates were made at a time, each with separate dies. Thus plates 1 & 3 are 'type A' die and plates 2 & 4 are 'type B'.


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