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1949 Arms Series 1953 Antarctic Expedition

1953 Antarctic Expedition

Like all rotary issues, printsheets were much larger than convenient-to-handle post office sheets. The square layout printsheet was organised to provide four post office sheets. In this case a 240-on printsheet of four, single pane. post office sheets  6 rows by 10.

The 1953Antarctic issue has no imprint since these were abolished in 1952,


1949 Arms Series

5/- and 10/- master plate
1 / 2 pair
The plate makeup for this series is quite difficult to describe. Partly due to the fact that TWO denominations were created on a composite master plate.



 was created for both the 5/-, 10/- pair and the 1 / 2 pair.

For each pair, the individual layout of the stamps was 3 vertical post office sheets A over B over C.

The composite alto created two composite printing plates, subsequently divided, for printing.

Each pane contained 5 rows of 12 stamps (60)




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